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Loan or credit approval

Loan or Credit Approval Messaging

Whether you manage a bank, finance agency, or a similar kind of service, you need to have an automated Email and SMS messaging service for your clients. Powform's essential Email and SMS Messaging Templates are perfect for loan or credit approval messages, sent to borrowers or clients who qualify.

Let’s say you created an App where your clients can request a loan or additional credit. When approved and entitled to receive it, you can send your clients confirmation messages using our Messaging Templates to let them know that their application has been approved.

Email Template: loan or credit approval email

This Email Messaging Template can be used by any financial institution that offers any kind of money lending. Also, our sample is clear, short, and easy-to-understand for your clients.

Template name

Email Template for Loan or Credit Approval

Email Subject

Good news! Your request for  €{{page_1.component_2.number}} has been approved!

Email Body Message

Dear {{page_1.component_1.text}},

After analysing your request and proposal, we are pleased to confirm that your application for credit of €{{page_1.component_2.number}} has been approved.

Please read carefully our terms and conditions upon which your loan or credit has been based.

In order to obtain more information about your account, interest rates, or any other questions you might have, please contact us immediately. Our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to serving you.


SMS template: loan or credit approval SMS

Since SMS messages have a short character limit, our SMS Messaging Template reminds the reader to contact your institution to receive more information.

Template name

SMS Template for Loan or Credit Approval

SMS Message

Hi {{page_1.component_1.text}}. We are pleased to inform you that your application for $ {{page_1.component_2.number}} has been approved. Contact us for more information!

How can these templates be useful for financial services?

Every financial service receives numerous requests for loans and credits — especially if you offer easy to fill forms — and many clients will be entitled to receive them.

It’s counterproductive to write and send each email or SMS message individually, making templates an essential tool to make your workflow scaleable.

With our templates, you can inform your clients about loan or credit approval with a few clicks, thus making your business even more efficient. In addition, you can send both Email and SMS messages at the same time, improving communication and engagement with your clients.

Add these messages to your pool of templates and enjoy the benefits of Powform’s In App Messaging functionality!

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