In App Messaging Introduction

Powform brings more functionalities that extend beyond form building. We also improve communication with your clients by making it easier and more personalised.

What is In App Messaging

In practice, you can send emails or SMS messages directly to the email addresses and phone numbers provided by your users in app submissions.

After filling out the forms, your clients can receive the prepared messages immediately. But it’s also possible to send these or other messages manually through the Database section.

Feature benefits

This feature can be a huge differential to improve the client’s experience with your brand. Some major benefits it provides are:

  • Personalisation: emails and SMS messages can be personalised with the data provided by your clients;
  • Scalable communication: as you create templates that can be sent automatically;
  • Marketing: faster email marketing initiation, if you have one;
  • Easiness: the process of creating templates, personalising, and sending emails or SMS messages is exceedingly easy, as we’ll explain further.

Twilio account configuration

You need to set up a Twilio account before SMS messaging your clients. This is a free solution that allows the creation of scalable and customisable messages.

account info

Creating a Twilio account is also simple and fast, which you can do now without much effort. After you’ve done this step, copy the Account SID and Auth Token, which are found scrolling down after you login to Twilio.

Then quickly assign the Account SID and Auth Token on My Account Page.

sms configuration

Click Sync, then Save SMS Config and now you are ready to enjoy all of our SMS messaging functionalities.

In the “Sender Phone” dropdown menu you can select which Twilio number will be used to send SMS messages.

sender phone

Template creation

Email and SMS templates are samples of messages that have relevant information for your users. For example, you can create an SMS template confirming you have received the data and requests of your clients.

These templates are created in the Messaging section that can be found on the left side of your Powform panel.

messaging menu item

Then, these templates can then be assigned to any email or phone number form field

To know more about how to build these templates — including how to make them more engaging — check out our guides:

Create your SMS Messaging Template

Create your Email Messaging Template

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