Job Application app

What would you do if you have a specialised job opening which needs to be filled quickly? You can use PowForm to quickly and easily build a job application form with required sections such as Personal Information, Current Employment Information, Screening Questions, etc., and publish it to the web instantly.

Link directly to your app from your job posting and receive detailed information on all applications instantly. We have created an example for you to try, which you can access using the link below.

Job Application App

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Highly Configurable - No Coding

Build professional and fast branded e-commerce and customer data collection web apps, no coding experience needed. Scalable solutions that can be built and integrated into your business in minutes.

Powform enables you to create branded, interactive, multi-feature apps for mobile and desktop browsers, including all the smart features you need to collect customer data and payments. With the addition of conditional logic you can provide a more tailored experience for your customers.

Our managed secure database allows you to store and analyse all submitted web app data.

Want to store all app data in house?
App submissions can be directed to other business systems via secure authenticated api services.
Contact us today to discuss your custom branded no-code web apps requirements.

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