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Form Fields - Unique Id

Unique Id - Attach Unique Identifiers to Each App Submission

A Unique Identifier (UID) is a numeric or alphanumeric string attached to each app submission. 

It allows you to automatically generate invoice numbers, create unique records and find a specific submission within the database.

Here you’ll know how to configure as required!

Unique Id Label

label text

It’s the name that will be displayed when you are accessing the form and viewing app submission data.

The Unique Id component is not visible to your users in the published Web App. You can see the label and the generated Id in Powform’s dashboard.

Unique Id Generation Format

unique id generation format

Here you define how the Unique Id string is going to be formatted. Learn about each option:

  • Sequential: the forms submissions ids will follow a specific numeric sequential logic;
  • Random: each Id is created as random alphanumeric string.

Sequential Id Generation Format

Unique Id Prefix

unique id prefix

Establish what sequence of letters and/or numbers will appear at the beginning of each Unique Id. You can also leave it blank. 

We recommend setting a prefix according to your Web App’s purpose. For example, if your Web App is a Current Account Opening Application, you can determine the prefix “CAO”.

Default Start

default start

Define the starting number of the sequence. 

Number of digits

number of digits

It’s the minimum length of the unique Ids excluding the prefix.

Let’s say the prefix is “ACC”, starts with 1 and has a minimum of 5 digits. Your sequential unique Ids are going to be as follows: ACC00001, ACC00002, ACC00003, etc.

Random Unique Id Generation Format

Unique Id Prefix

unique id prefix

This generation format doesn’t need to be completely random. You can set a specific prefix and the following string will be randomised.

Number of Characters

number of characters

It’s the minimum length of the unique Id without considering the prefix.

Include Characters

include characters

Here you can select the characters that will be included in the randomised string.

Imagine you set the prefix “ACC”, the minimum of 6 digits and all characters included. Some examples of unique Id will be “ACC1ERw56”, “ACCTf571e”, etc.

Finding the Unique Id

After turning your form into a Web App and sending it to your clients, access Powform’s dashboard and navigate to the Database panel on the left.


Select the form and you’ll find a column listing each submission’s unique Id.

unique id column

Now create a form and try the Unique Id Component for yourself!

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