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There are an ever changing array of challenges that enterprises face today, new processes and approaches are being introduced constantly. To be prepared for this, small businesses need a customer relationship management (CRM) system to keep up with demands and provide a level of customer service that has grown in complexity during the present day.

Salesforce provides this all round system (probably the best in SaaS sector depending on who you ask) that all members of your team, no matter what the department, can use to successfully improve workflows and serve multiple customers at once effectively. Salesforce provides solutions for wide areas such as analytics, customer service, application development and marketing automation. 

Salesforce provides an easy way to build an organizational structure 

Small businesses might not have the capital to have departments full of people, it will probably be a small team. Despite the size it is important that three of these key departments are accounted for to ensure a successful business. As your business grows there may be more departments and branches created as the need for them arises but the three departments mentioned here are more or less where every business begins. 

Sales and marketing departments handle creating promotions and generate leads to bring in customers, they also handle public relations to build a strong public brand image. 

Operations make the company's products and services, this can be through shipping, or development, or even through customer service roles within the company to provide the best quality possible. 

Businesses need to track revenue and expenses, to better plan for the future and coordinate with the two departments mentioned above. There are also administrative roles to consider, such as human resources activities such as staff training/hiring and just general day-to-day office management. 

Salesforce offers a wide range of management tools to solve your business issues and to facilitate growth in areas that your business may not necessarily have experience in such as Marketing automation, customer service, app development, and analytics. 

Salesforce bridges the gap between all of these departments mentioned above and encourages the sharing of information which prevents the siloing of data. Visibility is a key component of collaboration and departments that all operate as one can complete goals much more efficiently than departments who do not communicate at all. 

Scalable API solution 

Your business needs may be more particular, which is why Salesforce has their own API for integrating their features with your website/social media/ existing mobile app. They have a high number of configurations that cover both B2B and B2C. Salesforce Connect allows the user to access external data, they can download and examine data that exists outside of to their benefit. 

Salesforce also offers another layer of protection in Single Sign-ON (SOO) where any third parties that want to integrate with your APIs will need authorization from you. This is important for a growing business, as you become known to more customers it is important to keep their and your data safe and using a Salesforce API will have you receive the high level of security that Salesforce has. This is perfect for the purpose of outsourcing to different countries, only the right set of credentials will allow a person to gain access to your data and nothing else. 

As your salesforce grows it will not suffer from a lack of resources as the APIs put in place can be developed to coordinate your departments successfully. A high level of mobility is another benefit of the rapid development of APIs, if an unforeseen task appears then the API can be corrected or a new one built from square one to complete this challenge. 

Some examples of the APIs Salesforce have to offer

If you are struggling to keep track of the data on your Social Studio account then Salesforce has a Social Studio API for analyzing and modifying your  social media data which can be applied to any social media platform that is compatible with Social Studio. Metadata, post data, and insights from your social media sites can be accessed to inform marketing and sales strategies.  

The API can be used to download the data into reports that are ready for review instantly, which can then be accessed and sent through a secure intranet if need be. The Salesforce API can be integrated with any existing customer relationship management (CRM) tool which can provide the next level of customer service at a more cost effective rate. 

The Marketing Cloud offers two different variations of API, the REST API (Content Builder, Mobile Connect, Contacts,Journey Builder, Campaigns, Contacts, MobilePush) grants you access to more of the Marketing Cloud’s functionality and the SOAP API (Tracking, Subscribers and lists, Automations) provides access to most email functionality on the market. They are often used together to cover every aspect of marketing for a small business because they do not have full parity by themselves and both APIs have the ability to have triggered sends built in. 

Bulk API 2.0 is for a growing business, it can deal with 2000 records and up (anything below that number can be handled in a different way) which is perfect for housing and understanding large quantities of data. Using Bulk results in a much more streamlined workflow, you create a little “job” and the bulk brings the request back to you. This saves time and energy searching through thousands of records and will quickly give you what you are looking for. 

The Salesforce Commerce API allows small businesses to create their own custom ecommerce apps to reach customers in ways they may have not tried before. This is particularly useful as more of the world shops online now than have ever before, having your own custom app can set you apart from a lot of the competition. This API can be configured for purely customer service or is a way to build an online storefront and integrate it with your website or as a mobile app. 

Powform makes the integration of Salesforce even easier again

Salesforce’s APIs are stellar, they are cost effective and deliver a high level of functionality. There is only one issue that small businesses might have when trying to develop an API and that is a lack of coding experience. A third party app can be built throughout Enterprise Plan, a cost effective plan where you will receive your very own branded web app that can interact with your Salesforce solutions. 

To give an example, a business already has their customer relationship management (CRM) setup in Salesforce and they need an app that can gather data from an external source and log it into Salesforce (an app can be built that retrieves data from Salesforce too). They need it quickly and they need a cost effective solution that does not require looking for freelancers or hiring a team of developers. Powform can accomplish all three in a small window, our Enterprise Plan is subscription based (monthly or yearly) and it is a flat rate with no extra costs for bespoke components. 

Powform uses Single Sign-On (SSO) so the app will be protected and only viewed by those who have the sign in details. The data is also protected by end-to-end encryption, only the user of the app and the user of Salesforce can view the data, anyone in the middle will not be able to see it. Powform does not need any personal data (apart from set up) nor does it need any privileged data, so we do not hold onto any of your data and it all returns to Salesforce and their system. 

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