Cinema Mise-en-scene Registration App

We have developed a case study where we can show the power of Powform with two distinct apps as a complete business solution

Cinema Mise-en-scene is a Pop-Up experience that tours Ireland and screens classic films. We are a members only club and we extend our sign up offer behind this curtain. You can register your interest or check on our website if we are coming to a town near you. 

We have provided a shortlist of films from our vault for our screening next week. Please hit the button below and choose your favourite film and a time that suits you.

Cinema Mise-en-scene Registration App

Highly Configurable - No Coding

Build professional and fast branded e-commerce and customer data collection web apps, no coding experience needed. Scalable solutions that can be built and integrated into your business in minutes.

Powform enables you to create branded, interactive, multi-feature apps for mobile and desktop browsers, including all the smart features you need collect customer data and payments. With the addition of conditional logic you can provide a more tailored experience for your customers. Our managed secure database allows you to store and analyse all submitted web app data.

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