Secure Payment - Paypal

Powform Secure Payment Component uses the most popular online payment service: PayPal.

Read on to learn how to get the most out of this component!


PayPal App Client ID

In this field you insert PayPal REST API, which can be obtained in your PayPal Developer’s Dashboard.

This field will connect your client’s PayPal to your company’s.

link to guide on where to find PayPal App Client ID

PayPal App Display Name

Here you can set a name that will be displayed when the users click on the PayPal button.

It can be your brand name, for example.


From a wide list of currencies you can choose the one that your prices will be calculated on.

You can select, for example, U.S. Dollars, Euro, UK Sterling, Indian Rupee, and more.

Item Price

Insert the price of your product or service, which will be based on the currency previously selected.


In this tab you can edit visual aspects of your payment button, and this kind of personalization is crucial to get your client’s attention.

edit here with a link to Visual identity Guide when published

Button Shape

Select if your payment will be Rectangular (Rect) or Rounded Rectangle (Pill).

Button Color

Choose what color fits better with your brand’s visual identity: Gold, Blue, Silver, White, or Black!

Button Text

Pick how your Paypal appears for your user. Depending on what you select, the button will appear in the following form:

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Buy Now
  • Pay with PayPal
  • Paypal Checkout

Disable Funding Sources

Paypal automatically brings additional funding sources to your clients.

However, you can disable specific sources of funding, such as Credit Cards, GiroPay, and more.



Click here to make the payment mandatory, which will be marked with an asterisk (*).


If necessary, create a description for the payment field. You can explain how it works, how it is safe, and more!

Privacy Policy Link

Insert the URL of your Privacy Policy, which can your page, a Google Docs, and more.

User Agreement Link

You may also place the URL of your User Agreement here.

Both your Privacy Policy and User Agreement will be linked below the PayPal button

Price Configs

We'll discuss the Price Configs in some detail with the other Conditional Logic form operations in another article.

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