Form Components

Time Component

A time component is used to collect time from the app user. Time Zones may have to be taken into account when using the time component. The format of the time is determined by the language settings of the browser the app is running on.

A Time Component has a configurable Time Label to give context to the app user as to it's requirements, it also has a useful function with which you can select the time format. A default time and a description can be used to give the end user a deadline to sign up or make a reservation. 

These time fields can also be validated. 

This is the component that is rendered in the app, it is a unique piece of gamification that will surely impress your clients and interested parties with its sophisticated UX.

Time Conditional Logic

The Time component paired with conditional logic can become a very sophisticated event management tool. Customers can pick their reservations and with that will come a more specific experience for them. Early Bird specials, Happy Hour specials, dinner with a show, these offers can be given to the customers based on their preference of time morning, noon, and night.

The values that are applicable to the Time component are as follows:

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