Form Components

Text Area Component

A Text Area Component can be used to collect basic text information such as an address or any information that's required over multiple rows. This is especially useful for open ended questions where the owner of the app wants greater detail. It is also a good feature to use for an additional comments section if the user of the app feels multiple choice questions are not enough.

A Text Area Component has a configurable Text Label to give context to the app user as to it's requirements. If the question that you want to ask the user is something like “How was your experience shopping with us today?”  There is an optional description field to help the customer think about their experience “Was parking adequate, what did you think of the staff?”

This field can be left as optional but it can be made mandatory by selecting the validation checkbox on your online form.

Textarea Conditional Logic

With conditional logic you can get specific, certain words or phrases or if the field is complete/incomplete you can ask them further questions. So you could start with a basic question “What car do you drive?” if they say “Ford” you can place more in depth questions about “why do you prefer that brand?” and can get rich data from your respondents. 

The values that are applicable to the Text Area component are as follows:

  • Contains - The Textarea text contains the word or phrase
  • Does Not Contain - The Textarea text does not contain the word or phrase
  • Is Equal To - The Textarea text is equal to the word or phrase
  • Is Not Equal - The Textarea text is not equal to the word or phrase
  • Starts With - The Textarea text starts with the word or phrase
  • Does Not Start With - The Textarea text does not start with the word or phrase
  • Ends With - The Textarea text ends with the word or phrase
  • Does Not End With - The Textarea text does not end with the word or phrase
  • Is Empty - The Textarea is empty
  • Is Filled- The Textarea is not empty

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