Form Components

Radio Component

A Radio Component provides a way to give an app user a pre-defined list of items to choose from and from which you require only one to be chosen.

A Radio Component has a configurable Radio Label to give context to the app user as to it's requirements and an optional Description field to facilitate additional context to the Radio Component.

A Radio Component contains a required Group Name field which is used to identify the selected option of that grouping.

Add multiple radio options by Label and Value. Any radio option can be selected by default for the app users by checking the Default check box associated with that radio option.

A Radio Component can be required to be completed by the app user if necessary.

Radio Conditional Logic

You can use the radio component in place of a checkbox component where you need just one option selected from a set of options

The values that are applicable to the Radio component are as follows:

  • Is- The Radio option selected is the word or phrase
  • Is Not - The Radio option selected is not the word or phrase

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