Form Components

Number Component

A Number Component is used to collect a number from the app user. The format of the number can be a whole or decimal number.

A Number Component has a configurable Number Label to give context to the app user as to it's requirements, an optional Default Number value, a useful option when it can be predetermined what the value of the Number will most likely be and an optional Description field to facilitate additional context to the Number Component.

In the context of validation a Number Component can be required to be completed by the app user if necessary and can also be configured to have a minimum and maximum value.

Number Conditional Logic

The number component can be used for booking flights, hotel rooms, or even applying for loans. Customers can say how many people are traveling with them, they can even say how many kids and pricing will be adjusted as such. You can offer your customers specific bundle deals and family rates or if they are traveling for business they can be offered economy, business, first class etc. 

In terms of loan applications the customer can state how much they would like to apply for and how much they can pay back in monthly instalments. The system can determine whether or not the amount/repayment period is acceptable and inform the user on whether they can continue with the form or not

The values that are applicable to the Number component are as follows:

  • Is Less Than - The number entered is less than the number defined
  • Is Greater Than - The number entered is greater than the number defined
  • Is Equal To - The number entered is equal to the number defined
  • Is Not Equal To - The number entered is not equal to the number defined

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