Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic - Payment Rules

Did you know, you are not limited to one price for your users?

Powform allows you to apply Conditional Logic (CL) Rules to your Payment Component.

Basically, you’ll be able to change the price offered to your clients depending on how they fill out your forms!

Where do I find it

You can find payment conditional logic in the Price Configs tab, just as shown above.

How to configure a rule

After clicking Add Rule, you can select a component that will be the modifier for your config.

Then, select a state as outlined in General Rules article and define it’s value,

Finally, you may set the new price in Set Price. This is the new price if the criterias are matched by the user.

Just like when you are configuring any other component, here you can click “+” next to value and add new criteria.

Then, choose if you require “All” of the criterias to be applied or just “Any” of them for the new price to be set.


You can delete criterias by just clicking the “Delete” button right after the Value field.

Adding more than one rule

Finally, you can customize your prices even further by adding two or more rules.

Let’s say the price of your product, service or solution increases depending on what your user chooses.

Create a new rule for each one of the possible prices!

You can erase each rule by clicking the “X Delete” right above them.

It’s simple to configure your prices. Open your form now and try it for yourself!


Highly Configurable - No Coding

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Powform enables you to create branded, interactive, multi-feature apps for mobile and desktop browsers, including all the smart features you need to collect customer data and payments. With the addition of conditional logic you can provide a more tailored experience for your customers.

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