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The service industry is always changing, new industry standards are appearing on the market all of the time. If your competitor is offering a steak on the stone or a seafood chowder then your customers might expect the same and your menu is revamped again. Specials are added to the board and wiped away to be replaced by the next offer. Of course, restaurants are starting to go digital and this is where it can start to get technical and expensive. POS systems are expensive and can be hard to integrate new components into without costly professional help. This is where Powform can help.

Ordering a Meal

Powform can offer simple stand-alone in-house meal ordering solutions to facilitate changing menus and menu item availability. Branded web apps can be built and deployed quickly, easily and with minimal cost without the need for costly POS systems when starting out. Orders can be sent directly to the kitchen via a Powform ordering app and notifications can be sent back to the waiter or waitress when the order is ready.

Your waiters can take the orders on their mobile systems or your customers can use tablets at the table to order themselves, both options are fantastic and perform well. Each experience is different, the tablet may work better in a fast food setting. The customer wants to order, pay, and eat quickly. With the waiter the customer may want the face to face experience and they may want to sit and enjoy their meal. Powform can be integrated into whichever experience your customer base wants, resulting in an all round effective solution and an overall satisfied customer.  

Taking Payments

With our payment collection component you can have your front of house staff take the customers order at the table and have your customer pay for it there and then. Our payment collection system can also be added to tablets built into on or onto a table, so the customer can place the order themselves. 

Customers receive a message about offerings of additional drinks or options on the coffee/dessert menu, built in conditional logic dictates that they do not need to see the drink/dessert menu. They might have somewhere to be and do not have time for any extras, making for a fast and reliable experience for them. Others may be delighted to see the selection your restaurant has and will stay for a few drinks or a cheesecake. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

With conditional logic you will be provided with menus that provide options for all tastes. You may only want a vegan menu, or a seafood menu, or even the kids menu. Your customer can select which menu you would like and you do not have to see the others, this level of personal choice will result in making the restaurant experience more meaningful.  

It may not be lifestyle choice that influences their decision, the customer may not be able to eat certain foods as they are allergic to most of what is on a seafood menu for example. You can offer an alternative menu with items that are prepared safely for this customer to eat and they will not have to look at any other menu. It saves them time and energy and lets them know that your business has them in mind. 

You may have customers who want to know how the meal will be prepared, where the ingredients come from, and how long the meal takes to reach their table. You may have the exact opposite, the customer may be tired or just not particularly interested in the details at the moment. Conditional logic allows for this information to be easily accessible, but only if the customer wants it. 

Your customers may want to see meal deals or they might want additional sauces, sides, or drinks. Conditional logic can provide sidebars where the interested customers can click and see what the soup of the day is or the particular selection of sauces they want for their steak on the stone. Again, the customer does not have to see this if they do not want to. They might be a regular who does not want to see a menu and knows what they want before they walk in the door. A customer may be satisfied with the garlic butter and pepper sauce that comes with their stone, so they will have no additional requirements. 

Inventory Management

You may want to digitize your inventory but do not know where to start. Powform's apps can be used effectively on mobile. With your mobile app you can then begin stock taking and recording how many of each item you have and can have that data exported to Google Sheets if required. We also offer a bespoke calculator solution to help with your tallying if you need it.

Powform will help you control your cost through a highly organisable mix of components, the data can be categorized into type of goods which can then be exported and used in order to forecast trends and plan ahead for the on season and off season, which extra stock put in place for peak months of the year and reductions in quieter months. 

Ordering Online

Your customers, particularly at the present time may want to order and pay online and have their orders delivered. Powform web apps can be integrated into your existing website or maintained as a standalone app as required. Our apps can offer a high level of choice that will make the experience meaningful to your customers.

Coupled with conditional logic, their favorites can be found quickly as items they have no interest in do not get in their way. Entire orders can be saved as a template too, so if they have a particular Texas BBQ base pizza they love then it will be ready for them to order immediately, complete with their sides and drinks of choice. Other customers may be hosting a party so looking for platters or meal deals that cater to a gathering is important to them, they will not need to see smaller meal deals or single items so conditional logic can take them straight to a party section. 

Hiring Staff

Devices to reduce staff costs can range from training to hiring and with the potential high turnover rate in the restaurant industry it is important to hire the right people. Powform can help you all through each stage. You can build your job application app with Powform and publish them across your existing social media services for better engagement. The file upload feature will allow potential employees to upload their CV and their cover letter. It can be a much cheaper option than using jobs sites and you can approach new hires proactively.

You can use Powform’s radio component to gauge their experience levels, how they found out about the job (through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Indeed etc.), are they currently employed and what their notice period is. You can also build a calendar and your new hires can select which days out of the week they can work, they might be full time college students for example and they can only work evenings and weekends so they select only those panels. Once the form is completed your management can review each candidate and get a bigger picture to compare and contrast.  

Staff Training

After you have hired the right staff, optimal training can be provided to use your Powform branded web apps. Our components are designed to be understood quickly. Your staff will not be scratching their heads in the middle of a rush, they will understand exactly how to operate your Powform web apps with just a bit of practice. This also goes for back of house staff, they will be busy as always and do not need an overcomplicated system slowing them down, they will be able to view multiple orders at the same time and use their skills to put out and track food efficiently. 

Conditional logic will result in a highly organized and efficient system, your staff will find exactly what they need in the right subheadings, take your customers order and send it straight back to the kitchen where kitchen staff will receive a message that the order in. If your wait staff is in another part of the restaurant, the kitchen staff can send a message back to let them know that the order is up. 

Your Restaurant Brand 

You may have multiple restaurants and your restaurant order taking apps will need different themes and branding to make them instantly recognisable. A breakfast restaurant would have a different feel and theme to a vegan restaurant for example. You can run multiple apps on your Powform account, each with their own branding which will add a level of personalisation and professionalism that your front of house staff and your back of house staff will appreciate and help you tell your apps apart quickly. 

A delivery app can be separate from your in-house app, which has a different branding and flow that will be more relevant to your customers. You can include different imagery as well as copy/instructions for the customers who wish to place an order.

Using your own branding also helps with a high level of reservation completions as it is your brand the customer is interested in in the first place.


If you need help spreading brand awareness you can avoid waiting for customers to type “restaurants near me” and hoping they pick you. Instead, you can reach out to them directly or more generally via social media with your Powform apps and offer them promotions or a chance to make a reservation with a discounted price for example. You will have all of your information on display such as who you are, what kind of food you serve, and where you are located. You will also learn about interested customers based on the questions you asked them and you can personalize your approach to marketing that way.  

Implementing hashtags that are relevant to your customers’ needs coupled with an easy to use and easy to access web app has proven to result in a high click through rate as well as a high form completion rate. New session apps can also be released to the public as part of promotional campaigns for St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween for example. 

New Apps, Easily Built and Rapidly Tested

Input from staff and customers can be incorporated into your app with ease, a different component that would make their job more efficient or enhance the experience of your customer with extra options would be received well. A dummy app can even be used before building this new component into your service blueprint. This can be tested after hours, staff can take an order then send it back to the kitchen where the chefs can prepare the meal and send it out. 

Managers can come together and figure out the necessary components they need to make their employees jobs fast and effective and to get inside the mind of their customers and figure out what they need before they even ask. 

Further integrations can be provided as required, if there is a component that you feel you need to have your teams provide the best level of service for your customers then Powform can build it for you. 

If you want an integration for an ordering system on your website then it can be built and integrated by our Powform development team at a comparable price to anyone on the market today. 

Powform can help you build fast, branded, no-code web apps that are extremely cost effective as you do not necessarily need a development team to build and maintain your web apps. A manager can get to grips with the Powform platform easily through our help section and the content provided for you.

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