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Survey tools are an effective way to gain insight into your customers and how you operate your business. Surveys are used to obtain answers in a wide and varied areas such as Customer satisfaction, market research, product testing, and employee engagement. It can be difficult at times to get high customer completion rates on your survey forms. Consumers take online surveys and earn money from home. 

Think about the purpose that your survey serves, first and foremost

Before you even think about your survey questions, the purpose of your survey has to be the most important first step. It should complete a business goal you have in mind, and then the questions should be designed to fulfill this survey goal. You might want to know why a particular item is not selling well or even to uncover new needs that your customer might have. 

Selecting the type of question you want to use in your survey

Close-ended works best, it is less time consuming and if customers think that a survey is going to take a long time they may not complete it. You need to use plain and frank language so the customer is not confused or misunderstands the questions being asked of them. This can ultimately affect the quality of the data you collect. 

Asking closed-ended questions

In a survey, Open-ended questions (also known as free-response questions) require more effort and time to answer than closed-ended questions. So when thinking about how to write a great survey, you should consider minimizing the use of open-ended questions.

Keep a balanced set of answer choices

You need to provide your respondents with a good number of answer choices. If you don’t provide them with it can affect the overall value of the data that you have collected with your surveys. The questions might be biased to the company itself if the answer options are from a very small list. If it is to rate customer service, then the answers can’t all be positive. 

This answer template is well balanced and provides options for a customer to describe how they really feel about a product/service: 

  • Very helpful
  • Helpful
  • Neither helpful nor unhelpful
  • Unhelpful
  • Very unhelpful

Powform offers a high number of answer choices as you build your form; your questions can be integrated through the radio and checkbox components. It is important to get the answers balanced so the survey will result in rich data from the consumer. 

Don’t ask  two questions at once

Confusing respondents is equally as bad as influencing their answers. They will only focus on part of the question which will ultimately give your survey a poor result. Don’t use a double-barreled question, because it can ruin the flow of your survey if the customer has to stop and deal with a difficult question like that when they only have direct answers.

“How would you rate our customer service and product reliability?” 

That is a very loaded question that cannot be answered easily, it should be one or the other and never  both. Splitting them into two questions is a quick and easy fix. 

Keep your questions different from each other

Do not ask the same question twice, the only reason the questions in your survey should be similar is to follow up or to have your customer/employee expand on their thoughts. If you ask the same questions they will either leave the survey unfinished or will just unconsciously tick the boxes to get to the end. 

You can preempt this by varying the types of questions you ask, how you ask them, and by providing plenty of space for questions that are similar. With Powform’s drag-and-drop components you can work on your placement strategy on your branded survey app and make changes in seconds.  

Let most of your survey questions be optional to answer

Respondents may not know the answers to all of your questions. And there may be some questions they simply don’t feel comfortable answering. Keep both of these things in mind when deciding which questions are optional or not. And when you’re unsure whether to make a certain question optional or required, lean on making it optional. We’ve found that forcing respondents to answer your questions makes them more likely to quit your survey or select an answer at random.

Powform has the option of making all of our components optional/mandatory. This can work well with surveys as they can be personalized to the individual, as some questions are more relative to others. Relevance will result in a higher rate of completion than a more general survey. 

Rapid test your surveys 

As a survey creator, there’s no worse feeling than finding mistakes in your survey once it’s already sent.

Prevent the situation from happening to you by sharing your survey with colleagues, friends, and others, in advance. A pair of fresh eyes can be all it takes to spot mistakes in your survey.

Writing a good survey means asking questions in a way that lets respondents answer truthfully. At the same time, it means providing respondents with a quick and easy survey-taking experience.

Powform offers a smooth experience for you and your customers, with a level of customizability for you and your team. We believe that in order to produce the most effective version of your app you need the ability to “fail fast.” You can send your app to a select number of your family and friends. They can comment on the flow of your app, any grammatical errors, and the wording of the questions. You can then make the changes you need to in seconds, without the rest of the app suffering a drop off in effectiveness. Your branded survey app can be perfect before launch, any details you might have missed can be corrected swiftly. 

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