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Quizzes have always been good at fulfilling a need, whether you need to inform or entertain. There has also been a growth of quizzes online, the quiz can be projected onto a white board or displayed on a television and teams can compete to give their answers. Powform offers an easy and fast way to build vibrant and engaging quizzes that can be thoroughly tested, no coding experience required.  In this article we will provide useful tips and where Powform fits into all of your quiz building needs. 

Have a clear objective

Like many things, there has to be a strong beginning. Why are you building this quiz? This should inform every decision you are about to make from picking your target audience to designing and testing your Powform web app. It could be that you are using it to test employees or students on a particular area or chapter or it could just be a simple and fun team building exercise. 

A Surprise Evaluation, a fun way to learn, or be entertained

The most famous of these evaluation forms is a “Pop Quiz.” You want to know how much your workforce or students in your classroom know at that exact moment, so you give them one of these to see where they are strong and where they can improve on. This usually involves a time limit and is perfect for screening potential new hires and test on skills such as HTML or Google Ads to give a few examples. 

You do not have to just use it as a recall tool, a quiz can also be used to educate. This one should be pretested thoroughly, to make sure all of the facts are correct and the flow is good at keeping students/staff engaged. It is even possible to make a game of, with teams receiving points for the ones to answer quickest. Maybe there is a new onboarding tool that employees need to know how to operate, an educational quiz is perfect for this. Maybe your students are struggling with some complex period of history, then the timeline can be made a little clearer with a well put together quiz. 

One of the most famous uses of a quiz of course is the pub quiz, which still has to be interactive and fun in its own way. It is important to use imagery, award points, and above all else make it color and vibrant. This goes for a quiz built purely for entertainment but for the other two types mentioned above as well. 

Know your audience

Your audience will depend on your objective. How you reach them depends on how you distribute your quiz. If you want to target professionals with your quiz, then it might be a good strategy to post on Linkedin, inviting people on all levels of a company to join in the fun or test their skills. You can embed a quiz in your blog or  your website as a way to provide new content and drum engagement on your site. 

Powform allows you to send multiple links to people, each with their own quiz, you could divide the room into teams. Each team will get a link every round depending on a different topic such as Sports, History, Pop Culture. Questions get read aloud, participants pick their answer and submit. At the end of the night the scores are tallied up with their submissions and the winner is picked. 

You can share it in the work Slack or on your social media channels, reminding staff of the evaluation that they must take and then providing feedback with Powform’s in app messaging. It is important to have the links where you know your employees/students can see them along with a copy explaining what the link is and the ground rules if there are any.  

Ask the right questions

You might want to provide options for a pub quiz to test a team's Pop Culture knowledge. You can have the alternatives be as crazy as you want in a pub quiz, this can result in a lot of laughs. In an educational or evaluation quiz these alternative answers need to be more plausible so the students engage with the questions. An example of an MCQ: 

Which former president of the United States makes a cameo appearance in Home Alone 2?

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Bill Clinton 
  3. Richard Nixon 
  4. Donald Trump

Or a simple true/false could be a question type you are looking to use, which actually works particularly well in an educational quiz. An example of the T/F format. 

The Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean on the planet, true or false? 

False: The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the planet

The only drawback of using the true/false format is that the student can simply guess the right answer and it may be that they did not study as hard as they could have. It’s important to mix it up when building an educational quiz with some question variety. 

The length and complexity of the quiz also depends on your target audience

The length and the number of questions is an important distinction that separates a good quiz from a bad quiz. The questions may be long and difficult to read and the student may not be given a good set of answers that can throw them off, making it feel like this poorly designed quiz is cheating them. The time limit you give is also important, can the students (considering their age range as well) answer sixty questions in forty minutes? Older kids could feasibly do it but younger kids might not be able to accomplish this task. 

You can build a number of quizzes on Powform, each representing the chapter of a textbook that needs to be covered. If the chapters are long and detailed then the quizzes can be split into parts. This will help in keeping the questions shorter, as a quiz that crams information into loaded questions can be very confusing. 

With Powform you can rapidly test all of this, this flow, the length, the right choice of words, and the order of the questions. This format can be fine tuned before the quiz is presented to your class/your employees. 

How Powform’s mailing list helps you evaluate your submissions 

Once the quiz is completed and submitted, the owner of the app whether that be teacher or HR manager will receive the answers that each person provided. This transcript is useful to track the progress of an employee, maybe they need to take the evaluation again or maybe now HR can supply them with resources to make them stronger in their weaker areas. There may be a majority of people who are struggling in a particular area and a quiz is a great way to reveal this before a bigger, more important test. 

It also sheds light on the quiz itself, the areas where it can be improved upon. The wording of a question, no matter how simple the question, maybe throw the quiz taker off. The quiz maker can then go back and reword the question more effectively and compare notes when the next round of quiz testing commences. 

Powform offers multiple ways to build your quiz with our radio and checkbox components that offer a high level of space no matter how deep your questions and answers get. Develop the flow and the wording and make your changes instantly, with no drop off in performance.  If you do not want to provide multiple choice you can also use the text box component. Combined with our mailing list you have a full platform for building and distributing your very own branded, no-code web apps with Powform. 

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