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Cinema Mise-en-scene

We have developed a case study where we can show the power of Powform with two distinct apps as a complete business solution,

The case study will get into Powforms applicability in all stages of the sales cycle from first point of contact to close of sale. 

Powform assists in keeping prospective leads high, so at every stage of the sales cycle we will have prospects in your pipeline at every process of a sale. There is no limit to the number of people you can have on the emailing list of Powform apps, making it easy to scale the app to your prospecting strategy needs.

First impressions are crucial, and Powforms introductory landing page provides you with all the tools to present to the public creatively who you are and what you do. Powform strikes the balance between an automated campaign and personalisation, as each branded app can be tailored to each individual customer on the mailing list. Time is arguably the most important resource anyone has access to, and at Powform we strive to save you a fortune. 

After prospecting for leads has been completed, it will come down to contacting these potential customers. Powform is perfect for integration with current marketing and sales strategies, our forms are effective when making the first point of contact with the customer and gauging their interest. They can be sent through email or can be posted on social media.  

Combined with compelling copy, Powform can register curious customers who have stumbled across your social media channels or have been added to the emailing list. Content is king, and Powform facilitates this with its drag and drop content function.

Our two step process will also aid in qualifying customers, they sign up or register for your service and will then decide whether to complete payment. Only dealing with qualified leads will save you time and energy. Our forms can be given a set time as to when they will be discontinued, so even if customers do sign up and decide not to make a purchase they will be removed from the Powform mailing list. This ensures that you sell only to customers who are looking to buy. 

The case study company, Cinema Mise-en-scene, runs screenings in Dublin, Cork, and Galway. The venues are outdoor, with the team designing the “set” and providing members with costumes and a director’s chair with their name on it. With years of experience between them as projectionists and stage designers.

This motley crew had set themselves up a website and social media channels, to create brand awareness. They almost had it all, what they were missing was a way to gather customer details. Collecting registration details and managing booking payments turned out to be more time consuming then they thought it would be. 

Firstly, they used the Powforms app as a first point of contact with their target audience. They used the registration app in two ways, one in a traditional sales approach through email. They reached out to everyone that seemed to be a prospective customer. They also shared the registration app across their social media channels for their followers to discover. 

Registration required three key pieces of information; figuring out which film the audience wanted them to screen, their date of birth as the films are all rated 18 and over, and their email address. The age range qualifies the customers, as Cinema Mise-en-scene could not admit anyone under the age of eighteen. They could not register an underage customer's interest as the films were all rated over 18 (customer qualification).

Powforms personalisation of the branded app allowed Cinema Mise-en-scene to provide more context on their services. It solved a unique problem that enthusiastic cinema goers had while in lockdown during COVID-19. They now have a cinema to visit, something to bring them some normality.

Once the customer registered their interest, they were invited to Cinema Mise-en-scene’s second branded app to confirm the booking. The introduction double checks their choice of film and screening time; it also reveals the exact location that the screening will take place. The new member receives another branded app and is encouraged to enter payment details to get their ticket and secure their spot. Customers used their preferred method of payment (PayPal or their credit/debit card) and they received a confirmation text and their e-ticket stubs.

The close of sale is smooth, with context provided at every step through clear copy. We have the case study app below for you to give it a test run and see if the two app solution  template suits your company's needs. We also offer bespoke solutions in our Enterprise plan for your consideration. 

Cinema Mise-en-scene Registration App

Cinema Mise-en-scene Booking App


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